Nov 10, 2008

30,000 Scientists Want to Sue Al Gore Over Inconvenient Truth Global Warming Lies

How did it become such this huge accepted scam? …it started off with some environmentalists and some one world politicians at the U.N. who had World Earth Day in 1970. And out of that they finally managed to create this (IPCC) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change at the U.N. - they claimed of course that, that had something to do with science. All it was, was an environmental advocacy group. Then Al Gore learned a little bit about CO2 in college. one course - learned a little, and all the sudden he became an expert. So he becomes vice president; the U.N. starts voicing this thing on us; and the media, which loves a crisis, loves to tell that the world is coming to an end… the media jumped aboard and once the media was aboard… So you’ve got the U.N., you’ve got Al Gore, you’ve got the media, what are the politicians going to do? They’re going to follow. -John Coleman founder of the Weather Channel

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Illuminati said...

Mr Gore has a vested interest in the man made global warming scam... money money money.